Piece & Love™ Collection

People and pets leave an indelible impression on us.

Piece and Love represents that unbreakable bond formed when someone you cherish claims a piece of your heart.
Wearing the handcrafted rings, pendant, and cuff holds the symbolic piece of our heart against the skin, as a reminder to our loved ones that they hold that part within us.
Alternatively, the piece may act as a reminder to ourselves of the part of our heart that we have given to another. Whether that someone remains here on the earth or not, near or far, they live on in that piece of us.

The Story.

The commonalities between jewelry designer and motivational speaker, Holly Riddel, and Malibu veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Newell, led to the coming together of similar minds to create a piece of art that would represent such a strong bond, as that between human and animal.

Holly learned of the help Dr. Lisa had given Sharon Osborne and her family over the devastating loss of their dog on Christmas Eve, bringing back personal feelings over the loss of her own pet.

“It took me right back to my own grief and that terrible sorrow”, says Holly, “When we lose someone, or even if we are just temporarily separated from them, we want something to keep us connected.

“We knew immediately that we wanted to create something that would be a symbol of our love for them and that could help us in our separation. It wasn’t until days after hearing about Sharon’s loss that I remembered a ring that I carved as a dedication to my dog, Belin, and I knew instantly the direction of the design, and that is how the Piece and Love range was created”

Dr. Lisa states, “As a veterinarian, I see on a daily basis the deep love people have for their pets, their companions. There is no more profound sadness and sense of loss than when we watch our beloved pets deteriorate and eventually lose their battles.

“We were so excited to be able to be able turn something that is a source of such sadness into something so positive and that’s why this line can be shared with both people and pets in your life, to let them know that they will always have a piece in your heart”