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  • People and pets leave an indelible impression on us, even claiming a piece of our heart. Piece & Love represents that unbreakable bond we will always carry in our hearts.
    The gemstones hidden within every Piece & Love item touch our skin to provide a secret reminder every day, imparting their own energy and special properties. They carry their own special significance – such as Moonstones for love and their ability to enhance our psychic and intuitive abilities, and Sodalite which helps refine our communication with animals and acts as a bridge between the spirit and human worlds.
    Wearing the handcrafted rings, pendant and bracelet holds the stones against our skin, reconnecting us with their soul and acting as a constant reminder of those who have a piece of our heart.

    Piece & Love ™ Pet Pendant: 

    This pendant provides the ultimate connection with your pet.  The stones were chosen specifically to help you communicate with your four legged family member as well as give them a sense of calm.
    Other stones are also available, including Amazonite for hope and Lapis for gratitude.
    Please note that custom stones will be charged at an extra $15
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