My Journey is to help people LOVE.

There are moments along this journey that will always be with me – like where I was standing in San Francisco when I had the vision of what would be known as the Inside Out ring – and sitting on the sofa at my place in New Hope, PA when I came up with the name.  How ironic that the stone that I ultimately chose for the “Love Is My Intention” project would be for Hope.  My story has so many incredible twists and turns that brought me to this point.  I have spent 11 years making rings based on intentions and each one teaching me something about myself, little did I know that they were the ultimate spiritual journey.
I was changing lives one ring at a time and wanting to reach more people when I got into a relationship that would help make that happen.  I felt like I was living my dream with a family and now doing successful inspirational workshops all over the world.  I spoke of the most powerful intention of all – love.  And then it all crashed down around me…no more family and I was lost.
It took a year to pick myself up and realize that my destiny was to bring the meaning of “Love Is My Intention” or L.I.M.I. to the world.  It was the only thing that gave me hope and with this I realized that without love or hope we just couldn’t survive.  I believe I have chosen the events in my life to help me empathize with the struggles that so many of us endure.  I remember what it felt like to be a child full of love and light and I have returned to help others remember where they came from – love.
When I made my first rings all I wanted to do was give them away.  The feeling that I got when I shared the meaning of my ring with someone hurting and put it on their finger was life changing.  The L.I.M.I. experience is what I have created for the world to feel this magical exchange between two people that start as strangers and part as family.  My dream has always been to somehow create more love not only in this world but for myself. 

I am living that dream.